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The Kindergarten follows the national Curriculum for Excellence ensuring breadth, challenge and enjoyment and personalisation in each of the curricular areas -

1.     Health and Wellbeing

2.     Literacy and English

3.     Numeracy and Mathematics

4.     Technologies

5.     Sciences

6.     Social Studies

7.     Religious and Moral Education

8.     Expressive Arts

The curriculum is play-based which is the most appropriate approach for the development of young children’s learning.  It is recognised that play offers children endless opportunities to develop their language, numeracy, creative and co-ordination skills.  All contributing to healthy growth and development and an ability to form an understanding of their world and the capacity to learn.

At The Kindergarten the children have daily opportunities to play outdoors, freely exploring their environment and enriching their learning.

Planned activities are structured to meet the needs and challenge the development of each individual child at the nursery according to their age, from 2 up to their pre-school year.

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The Kindergarten - Childcare day nursery in 41 Ballifeary Road, Inverness